Telegram Encoding
Product Overview
The balise telegram encoding means that the user inputs the basic data, and the telegram encoding persons use the telegram encoder to process the basic data and generate the balise telegram files in the specified formats. The telegrams are then verified, and delivered to the customers.
The telegram encoding activities include basic data management, telegram generation, telegram conversion, telegram verification and telegram management.
Telegram encoder falls into the following categories::
Telegram generation software: used for generation of CTCS-1, CTCS-2 and CTCS-3 line telegrams;
Telegram verification software: used for telegram verification;
Telegram conversion software: used for the format conversion of urban rail transit telegrams.

Technical Features
1. The CTCS-1, CTCS-2 and CTCS-3 line and railway telegram data is automatically generated on the basis of the application principles, project datasheets and signal plans.
2. The software can automatically verify the telegram data in line with the application principles.
3. The software can automatically generate and output the following three types of telegram files:
>User data packets: intermediate excel files with telegram head and information packets defined in line with the application principles, which can be edited and verified by the preparation persons.
>User telegrams: telegram data files prepared with the contents of user data packets, containing 830-bit binary data, and displayed in the hexadecimal form.
>Transmission telegrams: 1023-bit telegram data files generated through BCH encoding on the basis of user telegrams, displayed in the hexadecimal form, and containing all user telegram information and 1023-bit transmission telegram data; which may be written into the balise through telegram programmer.
4. Automatic generation of the general balise telegram list and other files for telegram burning.
5. Support for the conversion of telegrams in the different formats.

Certification Information
Typical Applications
The telegram encoders are now used for telegram encoding on multiple C2 lines, EMU depots and subways. The details are as follows:
C2 expansion and reconstruction for existing railways: Da-Cheng Line East Section, Chengdu East Station, Xin-Sui Contact Line, Heng-Liu Line (Hengyang to Liuzhou Section), and so on.
EMU depots: Beijing EMU depot, Shanghai EMU depot, Guangzhou EMU depot, Wuhan EMU depot, Fuzhou South EMU depot, and so on.
Subways: Beijing Yizhuang Line, Beijing Changping Line, No.14 Line, Chongqing No.3 Line