Safety & Quality Management System

Beijing Jiaoda Signal Technology Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in 2005. The quality system covers product design, development, manufacturing and marketing within railway signaling domain.

>>The Company’s quality policy is:
to serve the railway business with up-to-the-date technologies and high-quality products, and to exceed the customers’ expectations with continuous innovations and brand responsibilities.

>The leading technologies and high-quality products forge the Company's brand image;

>The customers' trust and support are the footing stones based on which the Company could survive and grow;

>Continuous improvements of the QMS, quality of products and overall qualifications and capabilities starting with detail and notices are the footstone of BJST’s sustainable development;

>Our objective is to continuously strengthen the senses of brand responsibility, service and innovation; focus on customers’ needs and requirements for technology progress; to provide the products and services that customers really demand; and constantly improve the degree of customer satisfaction.

It is the responsibility of the Safety & Quality Management Dept. of BJST to carry out and continuously improve the Safety & Quality Management System, implementing its relevant requirements, and finding out and correcting the problems through internal audits, quality system supervisions and inspections, quality assurance system supervisions and inspections by the Ministry 菲律宾太阳网城上娱乐 Railway, and second-party verifications, so as to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system operation.

In 2008, in addition to ISO9001 Quality Management System, BJST brought the safety management requirements of EU standards EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 into the quality management system, strengthening the safety design, safety analysis, verification, validation, quality assurance and configuration management in the life cycle of the functional safety products.
>>Through the effective operation of Safety & Quality System, BJST has made a range of achievements:

1) The licensing certifications by the Ministry of Railway for transportation safety equipment manufacturer

In 2005, JT-CZ2000-jd Cab Signaling Equipment passed the audit by the Ministry of Railways, obtaining the “Certificate of the Ministry of Railway for Transportation Safety Equipment Manufacturer”.
In 2011, LKY1-SN and LKY2-SN balises passed the audit by the Ministry of Railway, obtaining “Certificate of the Ministry of Railway for Transportation Safety Equipment Manufacturer” .
In 2012, its BTM-SN balise receiver products passed the audit by the Ministry of Railways, obtaining “Certificate of the Ministry of Railway for Transportation Safety Equipment Manufacturer”.
2)Independent Safety Assessment
In 2011, Y.LEU-S was assessed by TUV, obtaining the SIL4 certificate.
3)Safety personnel training

Up to now, four safety analysts have obtained the certificate of “TUV Functional Safety Engineer”.

This certificate issued by the most authoritative TUV Functional Safety Program upon verification. It indicates BJST has possessed the word-leading safety management knowledge and capabilities upon the development and manufacture of safety critical products.