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The Secret Societies - The complete Secret Societies week series

Trilateral Commission - $14.50

Thought by many people to be one of the most influential and secretive groups in America... 
The Trilateral Commission, along with it's partner organization the Council on Foreign relations has been accused of creating and implementing much of the policy and regulations that all Americans must live by


The Council on Foreign Relations - $14.50
The Council on Foreign Relationsotherwise known as the CFR, is often referred to as the grandaddy of the Secret Societies. An outgrowth of a series of meetings that began during the first World War, the CFR is an invitation only, elite group of just over 3000 of the most influential leaders in finance, commerce, communications and academia. What id the true role of the CFR? What influence does this media shy group have on both American AND world policy? In this segment prepare to have your entire view of the world turned upside down!


The Rothschild Banking Family - $14.50
Although largely unknown to most Americans the Rothschild Banking Family has roots that run centuries old. The name is synonymous with international banking and its influence over the economic engines of countries across the globe in indisputable. Over the course of the past two centuries whenever a major world event took place, the name Rothschild was not often not too far away. What impact does this secretive banking cartel have today? Order this segment for one of the most compelling insights into the often clandestine world of international finance 


The Bilderbergers - $14.50
Thought to have been founded in the early 1950s, The Bilderbergers - named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland where the group is first thought to have met - is a group of powerful and women who meet each year to discuss the issues of the day. Although many prominent members of the American Media meet with this secretive group, very little is reported about their activities. Their meetings are always heavily guarded and curious spectators kept at bay. So what do we know about this secret society? Click below to find out...

Skull and Bones - $14.50
Although by their very nature fraternal organizations are often secretive, Skull and Bones is one of the most secretive around. Found only at Yale University, this secretive society has produced a stunning number of eventual government officials and influential members of the press. Some famous "Bonesmen" include: Former President George Bush, Henry Luce, Publisher of Time Magazine and nationally syndicated columnist William F. Buckley. This group of powerful men is thought to wield great influence in the areas of foreign policy, finance, education, and religion 


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